A Missing Tooth Can Be Effectively Replaced by Installing a Dental Implant

If you’re missing a tooth as a result of severe tooth decay, or you’ve had one knocked out or damaged, it can severely compromise your mouth. One of the most effective ways that ’s dentists recommend for restoring a missing tooth is to install a dental implant. If the damage to the tooth or the… Read more »

Your Temporary Crown Requires Regular Care, Brushing and Flossing

The temporary crown Dr. secured over the abutment in your mouth is only intended to protect the it for a short time, while the dental lab works on your permanent crown. The temporary crown is not a fully functional tooth and should not be used for biting off, grinding or chewing on any tough foods…. Read more »

Inlay and Onlay Fillings to Repair Cavities on Premolars and Molars

Unfortunately, there are times when even an effective and diligent oral hygiene routine still isn’t enough to prevent tooth decay. Most tooth decay issues are diagnosed during your regular dental checkup with your dentist, Dr. . If you notice a change in your tooth’s texture, you should have it examined. Even a small area of… Read more »

The Importance of Oral Cancer Screening During Your Checkup

Your regular dental checkup at includes a basic oral cancer screening. This screening is especially important, as early detection of oral or pharyngeal cancer will greatly increases the chances of successful treatment. It’s reported by the American Dental Association that 1 in 92 adults will develop some form of oral or pharyngeal cancer. The average… Read more »

What to Expect With a Root Canal

If you’re about to restore your oral health with root canal treatment in , , but you would like to know more about the treatment itself, our team is happy to help you! If you know what to expect when you come into our office, you will feel more safe and relaxed in the hands… Read more »

Smile-Care Tips That Will Keep Your Child’s Smile Strong

As your child grows into their permanent smile, it’s important to do everything you can as a parent to keep your child’s chompers, gums, and jaw in tip-top shape. Now, that may seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not exactly sure what to do, but our team is more than happy to give you… Read more »

Winter chill and sensitive teeth!

Snow is around and if that makes teeth sensitive it can be a pain in the mouth! Many times, you can’t eat hot or cold stuff without getting throbbing pain. Many things can contribute to sensitive teeth, but main reason is that the outer covering of the tooth, enamel and cementum, wears down and exposes… Read more »

Gum Health

Most Americans will be affected by gum disease in some form during their lifetime, and 25% will lose their teeth to periodontal disease by the age of 60. Signs of poor periodontal health include chronic bad breadth, bleeding gums, loose shifting teeth, and receding gums.  Brushing and flossing, as well as regular visits to the… Read more »

Meet the Gentle Dentist Who Caters to Cowards

Many people feel apprehensive about visiting the dentist. In fact, did you know that between 9 percent to 15 percent of Americans claim that they avoid dental appointments altogether due to anxiety or fear? That’s somewhere between 27 to 46 million people! In other words, you’re not alone if you’re afraid to visit the dentist…. Read more »

Adequate Sleep for Parents and Kids

A new study published in the Journal Frontiers in Psychology revealed that parents should encourage proper sleeping routines for kids as well as for themselves, as it can help decrease child obesity.  It has been found that sleep routines in a family affect everyone not only in being tired the next day but also it… Read more »