Tooth-colored, cosmetic fillings can be matched closely to the color of your existing teeth for a much more appealing result. As older silver fillings become worn, Dr. Chetan Parikh often replaces them with a tooth-colored filling for optimal cosmetic and functional results. In addition, studies have shown that silver fillings tend to leak more and don’t hold up as well as white fillings. Silver fillings have been found to release mercury into the mouth, which could potentially harm your health. According to the research in the field of alternative medicine with mercury in amalgam in free form fillings are related to a lot of serious health diseases. We invite you learn more about silver filling toxicity and the benefits of cosmetic fillings by calling or visiting our dentist today.


A cosmetic dental filling in Rockville, Maryland, is usually placed in a single appointment at our dental practice. In preparing your tooth for the tooth-colored filling, Dr. Chetan Parikh will remove all decay and thoroughly clean your tooth. Dr. Chetan Parikh may apply a special medication if the decay was close to the nerve of the tooth. After your tooth has been desensitized and conditioned, the tooth-colored filling will be precisely placed, shaped, and polished.

Please call Chetan Parikh, DMD, MDS, DABCDSM to schedule your next dental appointment with Dr. Chetan Parikh. We can help you receive the restorative care you need for a pain-free and healthy smile.