Orofacial pain can manifest itself as a headache, pain in the jaws the teeth or ears or neck. Dr. Chetan Parikh of Rockville Family Dental in Rockville, Maryland can work with you to find the source of your pain, and to develop a treatment plan designed to restore you to health and bring you relief. Call 301.235.9450 today to schedule your appointment.


Some of the pain that you may experience may be due to TMJ or TMD issues. When the joints of your jaws are injured or inflamed, you may feel pain, ringing in your ears, and difficulty eating or moving your jaws. While we treat you for TMJ or TMD, we suggest that you lower your stress levels, practice holding your teeth apart, avoid chewing gum and tough or hard foods. Easing up on strenuous activity and decreasing your caffeine intake may also help.


The pain may manifest itself as a headache or even a migraine due to increase muscle tension and decreased vascular activity.


A blow to the head, or face can result in damage that will need to be addressed by a dentist, who may work in conjunction with another healthcare provider.


Grinding your teeth, either subconsciously or while you are asleep can damage your teeth and put stress on your jaws, resulting in orofacial pain.