Chetan Parikh, DMD, MDS, DABCDSM utilizes nitrous oxide as a form of sedation. It is commonly referred to as “laughing gas” due to the euphoric feeling many experience, resulting in a case of the giggles.

Scientifically speaking, nitrous oxide is a colorless, non-irritating gas patients breathe in. It is considered safe to use and Chetan Parikh, DMD, MDS, DABCDSM ensures an appropriate balance of oxygen and nitrous oxide; the average approximation is 50-70% oxygen with no less than 30% nitrous oxide.

While patients may experience mild amnesia and may fall asleep, they remain in control of all bodily functions and are able to breathe on their own.

As one of the primary means of sedation in dentistry for years, the use of nitrous oxide in Rockville, Maryland, provides many advantages:

  • The sedation depth is easily controlled – an increase or decrease in sedation can be altered at any time.
  • It works quickly, reaching the brain in 20 seconds; relaxation and pain-killing effects occur within 2-3 minutes.
  • Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation does not cause side effects in your heart or lungs.
  • Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation minimizes gagging.
  • Once sedation is over, there is no lingering effect.

Those diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) should not use nitrous oxide. Conditions such as emphysema, M.S., or a common cold could complicate nitrous oxide use and should be discussed with your dentist.

Dr. Chetan Parikh and our team members at Chetan Parikh, DMD, MDS, DABCDSM are happy to discuss any concerns you have. A temporary trial of nitrous oxide use is also possible to gauge your reaction before proceeding with full sedation. We welcome you to contact us today to learn more about nitrous oxide in Rockville, Maryland.