BiPAP, an abbreviation for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure, is a type of breathing support used to treat sleep apnea. While it is more often used to treat central sleep apnea, BiPAP can also be used to treat severe obstructive sleep apnea. BiPAP is similar to CPAP in that it is a machine with a facemask that provides positive airway pressure, keeping your airway open and preventing breathing interruptions during sleep.

You may be a good candidate for BiPAP in Rockville, Maryland, if you cannot tolerate CPAP because of the difficulty in breathing out against the pressure. CPAP machines can only be set to one pressure. With BiPAP treatment, the pressurized air is delivered at two alternating levels; the inspiratory positive airway pressure is higher than the expiratory positive airway pressure. This means that the airway pressure is higher when you breathe in and lower when you breath out, thus allowing you to breathe out more easily. The pressure levels are preset depending on your specific needs and they alternate just like your breathing pattern. If you have any questions about BiPAP and other sleep apnea treatments, we welcome you to call your skilled dentist, Dr. Chetan Parikh, at Chetan Parikh, DMD, MDS, DABCDSM. We are excited to serve you!